You Can't Get This Type of Collagen
from Any Supplement…
…But It's VITAL to
Support Pain-Free Joints
PHONE TRANSCRIPT from my call with ROSEMARY, AGE 66:

"…it's gonna hurt.

My knees are gonna ache. My hips are gonna ache.

I'm gonna look like a 90-year-old woman and I'm not that person."

Aching joints had been creeping up on my friend Rosemary for years…

But now the pain and stiffness were causing arguments at home and embarrassing problems at work.

"I'd be sitting at my desk and I'd need to get up and I'd think – OK wait a minute.

And then I almost have to mentally prepare myself to start moving forward because it's gonna hurt."

It got even worse:

Her skin was aging faster
than her friends' her age…

…so she felt old

…and she lost her vibrant confidence.

And she felt so exhausted and drained all the time.

Even though she worked with special needs children, she didn't have nearly as much energy as her coworkers. And most of them were older than her!

Between the joint pain, aging skin, and sapped energy…

Rosemary got scared that this would be her new life…

…until old age overtook her and she died.

But she's not the type of woman to give up easily.

Instead of giving in to what her doctor said was just part of getting older

Rosemary decided to find a solution.

She started on a journey that uncovered the root cause…

…of her joint aches, low energy, and aging skin:

Low levels of a Forgotten Type of Collagen.

This type of collagen is NOT found in bone broth or even in supplements or powders.

It's only made inside the human body…

But if you're like most people, you don't make enough of it anymore, and I'll explain why.

I call it...

"Refreshed Collagen"

And it's so important for people out there who are feeling…

Groggy and fatigued…
Achy in their joints, or…
Uncomfortable with the
appearance of their skin.

Because simply getting your body to produce more of this one special type of collagen…

…can change everything.

It did for Rosemary.

I'd like to show you exactly how I helped Rosemary pump up her body's Refreshed Collagen…

…and how you can too…

Just by stirring together a few ingredients
in your kitchen…

…which have been tested by top institutions like Harvard Medical School, and featured in health segments on national news programs.

And I'll also show you…


Why, according to the top doctors published by Oxford Medical, your body's production of Refreshed Collagen drops 1% every year, starting at age 20! (So if you're over 50, your Refreshed Collagen is already getting close to only HALF what it should be)


We'll discuss the dirty secret about collagen supplements the health industry doesn't want you to know…


It's all about how these supplements are processed from crushed-up animal bones… which CANNOT replace your declining Refreshed Collagen. Losing 1% per year is just too fast.

(It's like trying to fill up a wicker basket with water – you're losing it too fast to make a difference.)


That's why I recommend stirring together this blend of Harvard-recommended nutrients… so you CAN rescue your levels of Refreshed Collagen… to look and feel younger!

It's already helping so many people.

Jennifer Cornoyer star star star star star
"My skin has looked fresher. I've had compliments on my skin, which is unusual. So people were noticing a difference in that. Then also, my joints in the morning were not as stiff and tight, and I did seem to have some more energy."
Nicole Green star star star star star
"I found that I had more energy throughout the day. I wasn't getting tired or sluggish. I also felt like I wasn't getting sick at all. I can tell that my hair has definitely gotten stronger. My nails have as well. They're not breaking like they used to."
Michelle Rodriguez star star star star star
"Within probably about a week as well, I noticed that when I would wake up in the morning, I felt less achy in my joints."
The best part:

You probably already have these
4 ingredients in your kitchen right now !

(Well, all but one. But we'll get to that.)

My friend Rosemary had them, which was the first step on her journey.

Rosemary's a special education teacher, with her own daughter still at home.

Thanks to low collagen, Rosemary
was at her wit's end…

"It was just the achiness. The constant achiness in the hips and the constant achiness in the knees. It's like, I shouldn't feel this way. And I knew it was age, and I knew it was just putting a lot of stress on the joints. Laying in bed and the hips just aching."

It kept her awake at night.

Which made her exhausted during the day.

So at work, she felt groggy. She'd made a career change so she could do something that actually mattered – like helping kids with special needs.

But now, between aching joints and exhaustion, she couldn't give her students the personal attention they needed to blossom and grow.

You might know how that feels:

It's awful to feel like you're not living up
to your potential…

…not doing as much good for your loved ones as you otherwise could. Especially when it's your own body that's getting in your way.

For Rosemary, those problems followed her home.

After work, she'd be even more tired, and would understandably be in a bad mood. It led to fights with her husband and daughter.

The unrelenting joint aches
interrupted every aspect of her life.

She finally said to herself:

"This isn't working."

That's when she came to me for help.

My name is Andrea Taylor.

I'm a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

I run a gym here in California, which has been awarded
"Best Personal Training" each of the past several years.

I'm especially proud of that award, because it doesn't just mean that we have the best equipment or the best programs, but that the one-on-one help we give to men and women – and the results they get – are the best around.

I don't push my clients to look like models, I want them to be healthy. I love to see the confidence boost in people after they start working with us. People come in hunched over and intimidated, and within a month they're stand up tall, smiling and chatting. They realize they mean something to us because we love having them. Here's my philosophy as a health professional: I believe you're valuable.

And I'll help you better care for your body, mind, and spirit, until you believe you're valuable, too!

This approach has earned me and my gym a national reputation. I've been featured in health magazines like "Muscle and Fitness," "Flex," "Ironman," and "Inland Empire".

And I've been brought on to discuss health topics on various news programs.

Now, I'd actually seen Rosemary around my gym before.

But this time, I could see she felt overwhelmed, and was close to giving up.

I'm so grateful I was able to help her.

Stirring together these nutrients to help boost your Refreshed Collagen really is life-changing.

In a moment, I'll show you which one Rosemary started with.

But the first thing she had to understand, was…

Everything Rosemary had tried in the past for her joints was doomed to fail…

…but it was NOT her fault.

There's a lot of wrong information floating around out there.

Some folks get knee pain, and think they'll need surgery.

Or they think it's all about inflammation, and they should fix that inflammation with turmeric, or chondroitin, or whatever fad is going around.

But the actual problem goes deeper than that.

Some folks hear that the answer is collagen supplements...

After all, collagen is the key building block of joint cartilage. A collagen supplement should help your joints glide smoothly, right?
And after all, our skin, hair, and nails gets its structure from collagen. So bone broth collagen should help us look younger, right?
And after all, our energy metabolism and our brain function relies on collagen. So powdered collagen should give us more day-to-day energy, right?

Well, this is a step closer to the truth…

But there's still a big problem with it.

Let me tell you about…

The Dirty Secret About Collagen Supplements
the Health Industry Doesn't Want You to Know…

It's all made from crushed and processed animals.

Usually cows or fish, sometimes chickens, shellfish, or other animals.

The powdered collagen supplements you see at the store or online are all made from crushed-up bones, shells, scales, or wherever else they can find a bit of collagen on an animal's body.

Now, maybe you already knew that.

And it's not necessarily a bad thing…

(unless you're a vegetarian).

But here's why I never recommend this animal collagen to my clients:

(at least not by itself.)

I mentioned a moment ago about…

...a too-often forgotten type of collagen.

It's called:

Extracellular Triple Helical Collagen.

That's a mouthful, so rather than use its scientific name...

I like to call it…

Refreshed Collagen…

…because fixing your levels of it can refresh your
joints, your skin, and your energy.

But here's the thing:

You CANNOT get Refreshed
Collagen from any animals

It's only made inside your own body.

Doctors at Harvard Medical School
Showed how Refreshed Collagen…

Supports joint cartilage for smooth, pain free movement
Provides structure for your metabolism & brain pathways, for health day-to-day energy
And keeps your skin, hair, and nails looking young, hydrated, and vibrant.

But here's the catch:

According to research published in Oxford Medical journals…

And reported on in Scientific American[17]

Starting before age 20…

You produce 1% less Refreshed Collagen each year.

So by age 30, you're missing over 10% of your youthful skin hydration.
By age 40, you're missing over 20% of the structure of your metabolism and brain pathways… meaning you feel tired all the time.
By age 50, you're missing over 30% of your joint cartilage structure… so it hurts to get around, or to lie in bed all night, or to sit for too long.
Somewhere between age 60 and 70, your collagen production has dropped by 50%.
That means…
Your skin's youthful hydration has dropped by HALF
Your metabolism and brain pathways' structure has dropped by HALF
Your joint's structure has dropped by HALF

That's how much it hurts to lose your Refreshed Collagen.

You feel so old, because your body is literally operating HALF as well as it used to.

Keep in mind, 1% per year is average.

If you've noticed your joints bother you more than most people's…

…or if you have lower energy than most people your age…

…or if your skin, hair, and nails have aged faster

…that likely means that you're losing Refreshed Collagen even faster than 1% per year.

You could be 45 and already have HALF the joint structure you need.

It's nothing you're doing wrong…

It's just the genetic lottery. Some people lose Refreshed Collagen faster than others.

And if you're one of the unlucky ones, you should know the dirty secret about most powder collagen supplements:

They're made from animal collagen, and…

Animal Collagen Supplements only raise your internal collagen levels by 3%.

That's according to research published in the
journal Clinical Interventions in Aging.

Do some quick math, and you'll see the problem:

If you've already lost 1% or more every year, ever since you were 20, then…

A 3% boost is NOT good enough!

That's the dirty secret the beauty and health industries
don't want you to know about powdered collagen:

It simply doesn't raise your internal levels of Refreshed Collagen enough to make a difference.

Collagen supplements are $300 million industry…

…and they can't live up to their promises.


That's the key word, isn't it?

I mentioned earlier that powdered animal collagen isn't good enough, at least not by itself.

Because here's what I told my friend Rosemary when her joints and low energy were disrupting her life:

You need to boost your body's production
of Refreshed Collagen, and…

You can do it with 4 key nutrients.

People all over the world already have.
Melisha Hines star star star star star
"So far, so good, it's really working for me and I would definitely recommend this to anyone to actually try it and give it a shot and see if it helps. It actually has helped significantly on my head, like frown lines here, just from doing this quite often, but it's actually started to clear up as well."
Theresa Romero star star star star star
"But I gotta tell you the feeling that it's leaving me feeling is really vibrant, and I wasn't expecting that."

2 of these nutrients work because they're literally building blocks of Refreshed Collagen. You're giving your body the materials it needs to make more collagen.

And 2 of them work by shielding your body from the stress and toxins that slow down production of Refreshed Collagen. Less stress and toxins equals more collagen.

How about I share each of these nutrients with you, and dive in a bit more about how they work, so you can try them for yourself?

But first, I should say up front…

I'm not about to promise you a mysterious flower from Egypt, or a secret tea from China.

These are 4 nutrients2 vitamins, 1 mineral, and 1 herb – that most people have heard of.

But most people don't know about the collagen-boosting effects. Or the right amounts to take to actually get those effects.

Okay, with that being said, I'm going to start with the 1 you might not have heard of, and the only one that I'd be surprised if it were in your kitchen…

The first is an herb called…
Polypodium leucotomos

You might have heard it called calaguala before.

It's been used for centuries in South America to help with skin conditions.

But I think you'll love it for how it increases your natural production of Refreshed Collagen. [29]

It works by protecting your body from oxidative stress – especially the kind that comes from the UV rays of the sun.

The University of Miami did a study on sunburn. [30]
(Miami's perfect for that, right?)

What they found was, when men & women took 480mg of polypodium leucotomos daily, then spent time in the sun.

They got sunburn 6 times less than people
who didn't take it

What they found was, taking 480mg of polypodium leucotomos increased the body's defense against sunburn by 600%!

Because it helped your body neutralize the oxidative stress from those damaging UV rays.

Which helped raise collagen levels

And kept skin looking young… even when it's taking a beating from the hot Florida sun.

But it's not just skin.

Doctors in England ran a test where they gave polypodium leucotomos to men & women with joint problems.

This collagen-boosting herb cut joint pain in HALF.

And doctors measured half as much joint inflammation as before.

This is a game-changer for so many people with joint, skin, and energy concerns.

But it is the toughest to find of the 4 nutrients.

Let me tell you about the next 3 – which I bet you already have in your kitchen – and then we'll get back to how to get your hands on polypodium leucotomos.

The 2nd nutrient is a vitamin…
Vitamin E

You might have heard of Vitamin E cream to avoid stretch marks when pregnant, or to help scars fade after injury.

Or maybe to help smooth wrinkles and have more hydrated skin.

It works so well, because just like polypodium leucotomos

It protects your body's collagen production from UV light and other oxidative toxins. [36]

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that men & women who supplemented with 363mg of Vitamin E saw oxidative toxins decrease by an impressive 24%. [37]

Together, the proper doses of polypodium leucotomos and Vitamin E free up your collagen production systems to kick back into high gear…

…to start restoring your joints, skin, and daily energy.

Of course, after this, you'll want to give your body the building blocks it needs to produce collagen.

That's why the 3rd nutrient is the one that my friend Rosemary started with. It's…

Vitamin C

According to Yale & M.I.T….

…Vitamin C is an ESSENTIAL element
of collagen production.

Low vitamin C causes your collagen levels to plummet.

Supplementing with the right type & serving size of Vitamin C can kickstart your collagen production, and you notice the results quick:

One recent medical study showed that supplementing with Vitamin C improved the structure of skin by 51%.[35]

And another study proved that Vitamin C
helps relieve swollen or aching joints

I'll share with you that exact serving size that was tested and proven to boost collagen in just a moment, after I tell you about the final nutrient…


Copper is an "essential" mineral. It's as vital as Iron when it comes to cell growth, tissue health, and organ function.

And like Vitamin C, it's an essential element when it comes to your body making more Refreshed Collagen.

And also like Vitamin C, it gets results:

Medical studies show that taking just 2mg of copper reduced fine lines and wrinkles.[26,27,58]

And University of California doctors proved that taking copper increases the collagen in your joint cartilage, to ease joint pain and improve joint movement.

So now you've seen the 4 nutrients that naturally support your body's production of Refreshed Collagen.

Remember, to get real effects from these nutrients…

You need the proper serving sizes.

Not less, not more.

I won't make you dig back through the info I've already shared. I'll leave them on the screen for a bit so you can jot them down.

Polypodium Leucotomos
Vitamin C
Vitamin E

While you're doing that, let's talk about…

The best way to get these 4 nutrients:

Now, you could try to get them all from food.

To get the 2mg of copper that you need to support your collagen production, you'd need to eat 4 ounces of cashews every day. That's half a can.

Kind of a lot.

Well, what about Vitamin E?

The most potent sources of Vitamin E are avocado and almonds. But…

There's only about 2 mg of Vitamin E in the average avocado, and only 100 mg of Vitamin E in a whole pound of almonds!

To get the 363mg of Vitamin E that's proven to help your natural collagen production, you'd have to eat nearly 3 pounds of almonds each day!

Either that, or 133 avocados!

So getting enough Vitamin E from your diet might not be realistic.

What about Vitamin C?

Bad news here, too.

Remember, those doctors showed that 500 mg of Vitamin C helps your collagen levels.

And a large orange only has 100 mg of Vitamin C.

That's 5 oranges each day.

Or a whole quart of orange juice.

So getting these nutrients from food isn't realistic…

You can't eat ½ a can of cashews, 5 oranges, and
3 pounds of almonds every single day.

And that even leaves out polypodium leucotomos,
which isn't an herb you want to eat whole. Too bitter.

So what we need, is…

A simpler way to get the proper levels
of these nutrients…

…and boost your Refreshed Collagen…

so you can enjoy smoother joints, healthier skin, and more energy.

But when I looked for an existing solution, I didn't find one.

So I had to help create one myself.

Fortunately, I was already connected with an excellent team who could help.

"In addition to my work as a personal trainer and nutritionist…

…I'm also an advisor with the health organization WellMe®."

WellMe® has a team of doctors, pharmacists, and researchers who have designed industry-leading supplements. They've built a reputation for innovative health solutions that are found in nature, and backed by solid research.

When I called them up to discuss these nutrients that boost your Refreshed Collagen, they were cautious at first.

But as I sent them all the research I'd uncovered, they grew more and more excited.

If you looked at the studies…

There were already thousands of success stories:

Men and women used these nutrients to support their collagen, feel young, have more energy, and soothe their joint pain.

All that was left was to bring these nutrients together for maximum results.

So together with the team at WellMe®, that's what I did.

We created a new kind of supplement:

One that works with your body to increase production of your "Refreshed Collagen."

That is, the collagen that your own body produces.

That's what I mean by "Refreshed Collagen" – the collagen that actually refreshes your joints, skin, and energy, is the same type your body has relied on since you were little.

People forget about it, because the health & beauty industries spend so much on marketing animal collagen supplements.

But Refreshed Collagen is what comes from your own, personal collagen supply.

And the WellMe® team has created a simple way
to help you fill that supply back up.

We've called it:

Collagen Refresh

It's a delicious berry-lemonade drink mix.

You add a scoop to a glass of water, stir, and enjoy!

It contains the precise amounts of Vitamin C, Copper, Vitamin E, and polypodium leucotomos that were shown to rescue your declining collagen levels.

Not a drop more, not a drop less.

It's the first supplement to say…

"Rescuing your collagen is NOT all about animal collagen supplements…

…instead, it's about helping your own body's
collagen-producing systems."

Collagen Refresh is making waves throughout the health world…

And nowhere more than within the WellMe® family itself:

Our customers love Collagen Refresh:

Brittany Bland star star star star star
"It tastes really great, it tastes like Crystal Light. I have noticed that my skin and my hair have grown. My nails have grown, and my skin has a great glow to it. I love collagen products and I've used many of them. This one mixes really really well. It's not chunky, it doesn't leave an aftertaste. It is great. I'm going to give it a 5 out of 5. And I will definitely continue to take this product."
Ashley Kirkman star star star star star
"I have really bad arthritis after my ankle broke a couple years ago. So I had pain in my joints… after taking this, my hair definitely is a lot more healthier, and I went weeks without my ankle hurting, which is unusual, especially in the wintertime…. It's got a lot of good things in it that support your immune and your energy. I work early a lot, I have to get up early and work. I work from home, but waking up and not having the energy, it hurts you a lot. And after taking this I've had a lot of energy. I just feel like it's helped me overall."

Each month, our customers enjoy over 15,000 glasses of this rejuvenating beverage.

And they keep coming back for more! The average customer orders 3 jars at a time!

So I recommend claiming your supply of Collagen Refresh quickly, since we're frequently at risk of selling out.

Go ahead and click below to claim yours right now.

When you order multiple jars, it saves us on shipping costs, and we pass those savings onto you.

So I recommend claiming the 6-jar option for the most savings. Or the 3-jar option is very popular, too.

And of course, if you know WellMe®, you know our 6-month satisfaction guarantee. Either you love how Collagen Refresh supports your joints, skin, and energy, or we refund you 100%.

6 Jars

6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

1 Jar

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+$9.95 USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

3 Jars

3-Month Supply



TOTAL: $147.00

+9.95 USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

Now, let me take a second to explain exactly what's inside each jar.

Collagen Refresh is actually a 2-part formula.

It's starts with the precise servings sizes of the nutrients we already discussed:

Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Polypodium Leucotomos

And if this 4-ingredient blend were the only thing inside Collagen Refresh, it would still be a revolutionary approach to healthy collagen levels.

But remember how I said animal collagen powders aren't great at least not by themselves?

Well, studies show that taking these can give a long term boost to your collagen levels by 3%.

That's the long term results.

But here's something neat:

In the first 6 weeks, there's a bigger boost: over 6%.

So when you first start taking animal collagen, some of the results can honestly be pretty impressive.[22]

Especially when you use a "multi-collagen blend."

That is, some combination of bovine, marine, and eggshell collagen.

And to be even more confident in the results, you should make sure that you're primarily getting Type I & Type III collagen, and including Hyaluronic Acid. That's according to research from the University of Kansas.

So if you're getting the 4-nutrient blend for strong long-term results

…then I do actually recommend animal collagen powder
for a quick, strong boost.

Let's be real:

There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel faster results

So let's do it!

We've made the 2nd part of Collagen Refresh our…

Multi-Collagen Quick Boost Blend

It's filled with the joint- and skin-rescuing Type I and Type III collagen peptides, along with Hyaluronic Acid.

It contains:

Verisol® B Collagen Peptides

This premium Bovine Collagen has been clinically shown to boost your collagen levels.

Several peer-reviewed studies have shown how Verisol® B Collagen can:

Significantly reduce fine lines & wrinkles> within 30 days[38]
Minimize the appearance of cellulite [39]
Improve fingernail growth, smoothness, and reduce nail breakages by 42% [40]
Support healthy bone density , and reduce joint inflammation and support joint cartilage for more comfortable, more confident movement.

The next source of animal collagen we added was:

Eggshell Collagen Peptides

These premium Eggshell Collagen peptides are a fantastic source of Type III collagen.

A 2017 study published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements showed that Eggshell Collagen helped women [41] :

Minimize skin discoloration and redness for a more flawless & even-looking skin tone
And boost skin elasticity by 12% to aid your skin in holding its natural shape

Then last, but certainly not least, we finalized
our Multi-Collagen Blend™ with:

Marine Collagen Peptides

Our Marine Collagen has a very low molecular weight. This means your body can absorb it with ease, so it can quickly get to work revitalizing your skin.[42]

In a 2018 peer-reviewed study, 70 women supplementing with Marine Collagen peptides saw:

Their appearance of crow's feet lessen by 15%...
And their skin hydration increase by a whopping 28%...
… to bring about a noticeably smoother and more youthful looking complexion in just 12 weeks!
Plus, it helped ease joint pain, and increase day-to-day energy.
Hyaluronic Acid

This works alongside collagen to act as a cushion and lubricant inside your body's tissue. Anywhere you need collagen, like your joints, skin, and brain, you want hyaluronic acid there, too.

A 2019 review of over 300 medical studies found proof upon proof that hyaluronic acid can support against joint pain, help your skin look younger, and even boost the effect of the collagen in your body.

With this doctor-formulated blend, you'll enjoy quick & noticeable results.

While the Type I and Type III animal collagen peptides of the Multi-Collagen Blend give you a quick boost…

The 4 nutrients of the Collagen Production Blend help your body start making human collagen again, for the long term.…

You can start enjoying results in weeks or even days…

…and sleep happy, knowing that your body is switching back on your internal, Refreshed Collagen production systems for the long haul.

But the nutrition experts at WellMe® wanted to add one more little boost to Collagen Refresh.

A final blend of doctor-selected nutrients that we call:

The Skin & Joint Revitalizing Blend

Which includes:

Organic Green Tea Leaf
Coenzyme Q10

These final joint & skin revitalizing nutrients
round out Collagen Refresh.

The Collagen Production Blend gives you deep, long term benefits to your collagen levels
The Multi-Collagen Animal Blend gives you a quick boost to build momentum
And the Skin & Joint Revitalizing Blend provides other well-known nutrients to help you look, feel, and move decades younger.

To put it simply, customers are loving it. Just ask this couple, Cory and Miranda who decided to try Collagen Refresh together:

Miranda star star star star star
"I took the lemonade for 1 month… I definitely saw an improvement, in the alertness and awake in the afternoons. I haven't needed a nap. I would recommend this as far as feeling more alert and awake."
You should know…

The slashed prices you see below are because…

We're offering a steep "spread-the-word" discounts
for first-time customers…

We want everyone to raise their internal levels of Refreshed Collagen.

So we've reduced prices to make it available to as many people as possible.

And actually, even the regular price of Collagen Refresh is a steal compared to purchasing the ingredients separately.

Take a look…
Polypodium Leucotomos
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Verisol collagen
Eggshell Collagen
Marine Collagen
Hyaluronic Acid

Buying all the ingredients separately would cost you over $190

And that still wouldn't be the proper doses you need to get real results.

Now, Collagen Refresh would normally be one of WellMe®'s pricier products, with a normal value of $79 per jar.

That's already $111 cheaper than buying the ingredients separately.

Not to mention, consider how Collagen Refresh has revolutionized the health world. Every other solution for skin and joint health only gives you animal collagen.

If you want something that will support your body's natural
production of Refreshed Collagen…

…only Collagen Refresh does that.

There's simply nothing else like it.

When you consider all this together, $79 is a fantastic deal for a jar of Collagen Refresh.

Even still, we're offering a temporary discount on that price.

And when you claim 3 or 6 jars, you'll save even more.

On top of those savings, WellMe® is covering 100% of the cost for shipping and handling.

After you claim your supply of Collagen Refresh, our team will package it and ship it out…

And then it'll be on your doorstep in the next 7-10 business days.

But both the discount and the free shipping are only for a limited time…

And only while our stocks last.

It's not any sort of monthly subscription… just a one-time purchase. You'll only be charged once.

And remember, WellMe® offers a…

6-month Satisfaction Guarantee

You either love how Collagen Refresh makes you look and feel, or we'll refund you 100%, no questions asked.

And here's the bit that makes the WellMe® Guarantee a league above the rest.

We don't even require you to return the jars.

That means you either love Collagen Refresh, or you get your money back with a simple phone call or email. (Contact info is printed on each jar).

But I know you'll love it, because regular men and women are already using this breakthrough approach to supporting your collagen levels.

Ashlie Keener star star star star star
"My skin is super soft. The bags under my eyes have improved so much. My moods have improved, my energy level. So, going forward, I'm definitely going to be using this product every day like I have been for the last 30 days. I highly recommend this product to anybody. It's awesome, it tastes great, and there's so many benefits for it."

One thing that these people had in common, is that they took Collagen Refresh for at least 30 days.

Try not to miss even a single day in that first month.

The animal collagen blend will start working within days…

But keep in mind that the studies we discussed tested taking Vitamin C and Vitamin E over 60-90 days. And while improvement did happen quickly… it also kept getting better over time.

So I really recommend that you take Collagen Refresh for a minimum of 30 days…

By claiming either the 3 or 6 month supply.

A single jar of Collagen Refresh will give you that quick boost from animal collagen, and begin switching back on your internal collagen production.

Three jars will fully reengage your body's production of human collagen. They'll help you to feel more free and get around easier with stronger joints. And three months with Collagen Refresh will help you feel more confident in your full and hydrated skin, hair, and nails.

And finally, six jars will ensure that the collagen all throughout your body will stay strong and healthy for years to come…

Liz McNeal star star star star star
"So I tasted it and it has a slightly grapefruit citrus flavor, which I do like, given the fact that it's not as sweet as other lemonades. The colder it is the better it tastes. It is a nice change from water and soda."
Annemarie Stief star star star star star
"The daily mood and energy part, I believe does help… I would direct other people to buy it. It's quite tasty actually. I liked it."

We do our best to keep Collagen Refresh in stock. But with everything going on in the world today, sometimes our manufacturing process gets slowed down.

And since we only work with top quality farms and manufacturers for all of our ingredients…

If there's a slowdown at one farm, we can't just switch to another. We have to wait until that top-quality source is back up and running.

It's entirely possible that our stockroom shelves go bare of Collagen Refresh while we're waiting for the ingredients to come back in stock.

But if you see the "Add to Cart" buttons below, we do have some in stock right now.

Some happy customers like to claim 3 or 6 jars at a time, just to protect against out-of-stocks in the future.

The crux of it all, is that I want you to feel happy with your purchase.

And that's why I want to ask one more favor from you:

I want you to imagine your life in 6 months

If you decide not to click below, then in 6 months you'll be exactly
where you are right now…

Maybe worse. You'll still worry about aging joints. You'll still be self-conscious about your skin.
You'll still be concerned about potential injury to your bones, muscles, or tendons.

And the worse these concerns get, the smaller your life becomes. It's no secret that joint pain keeps you stuck at home. Missing out on time with family.

And your family worries about you. The very people you should be taking care of or giving advice to, you start to wonder if they see you as a burden.

But worst of all, every second of every day, there's the nagging reminder in the back of your head that your collagen is only going to get worse. It'll keep dropping 1% per year. There's no escaping it. The structure of your joints and skin will get weaker. Your risk of injury to bones, muscles, or tendons will skyrocket. Your weakening stomach lining will add to your slogging fatigue.

In other words, every tiny worry you have right now, will only grow bigger and bigger.

Now, I also want you to imagine yourself tomorrow:

Picture yourself 24 hours from now.

What will you be doing? Getting ready for bed? Working hard at the office? Getting excited for weekend family plans?

I won't lie to you. Between today and tomorrow, your skin and your joints won't get noticeably worse.

But if you don't claim your supply of Collagen Refresh today, then tomorrow you'll have a nagging feeling that you missed a real opportunity to take part in this revolutionary collagen breakthrough.

You'll wonder if Collagen Refresh could have stopped your worries about your joints getting worse. You might kick yourself for not trying it out, knowing that the WellMe® Satisfaction Guarantee means you didn't risk a thing.

If you've missed opportunities in the past to improve your health or confidence, then you know what I'm talking about. Maybe you saw a friend try a new exercise program, or a new treatment, and you said, "no thanks." And then you saw your friend achieve a major health transformation. You're left feeling foolish for not taking the opportunity when you had the chance.

You get that feeling of regret – that feeling of missing out –
so you don't make the same mistake next time.

Well, it's 'next time.' Right now, you're looking at a new opportunity.

So I'm asking you, don't let tomorrow be full of regret. Don't let yourself regretfully wonder what might have happened if you clicked the button below to claim Collagen Refresh risk-free.

Because when you do claim your supply of
Collagen Refresh, tomorrow will be different.

There won't be any difference to your joints or skin.
Your order won't even have arrived yet.

But if you do make the decision today to support your internal collagen production, then tomorrow, the day will feel a little brighter. You'll know you've joined a movement that's using natural nutrients to boost your body's own Refreshed Collagen.

Those worries about your joints only getting worse will melt away. Fears that you're losing respect will melt away.

You'll be confident that you can still live your ideal life.

You can be independent, travel to visit family, stay successful at work, and be more confident in how your body looks, feels, and moves.

You're a mother, father, aunt, or uncle… maybe a manager, or a coworker, or a quiet role model in your community. That's who you are, and you DON'T have to let declining collagen take that away from you.

That's the confidence you can feel right away, even before you start to notice the effects of Collagen Refresh.

Just knowing you made that choice feels amazing.

Think about it. When you get a raise at work, aren't you proud and excited, even before you see that raise in your paycheck?

I see that emotional boost in my clients all the time... even before they start feeling their physical health improving.

There's just something special about making a healthy choice you can be proud of.

And it's easily the smartest choice you'll make today.

After all, I've shown you the scientific backing for how Collagen Refresh frees you from the constant worry over the effects of declining collagen. You saw research from the world's top institutions, like Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and M.I.T.

And you've heard from a tiny fraction of the men and women who've already tried and proven it for themselves.

So please, choose an option below right now.

You've seen the WellMe® 6-months, No-Questions-Asked, Even-If-You-Used-The-Entire-Jar, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

And you've pictured in vivid detail how relaxed, happy, and confident you'll feel once you ease your worries about your collagen.

Don't let this new confidence you're feeling right now slip away.

Click an option below, and…

Let Collagen Refresh Free You From the Stress of Collagen Decline, and Anchor Your Place in a World of Confidence & Independence.

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6-Month Supply



TOTAL: $234.00

+FREE USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

1 Jar

1-Month Supply


TOTAL: $59.00

+$9.95 USA Shipping

180-Days Guarantee

3 Jars

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TOTAL: $147.00

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180-Days Guarantee
One last customer story
before I go:
Nedra Paugh star star star star star
"This Collagen Refresh™ lemonade flavor, is like having an ice cool drink on a warm day. Not only does it taste so much better, but it works so much better. It helps my body produce my own human collagen at a better rate. It helps with your bones it helps with your skin and your hair. But it also helps aid in digestion, and who knew? But it really does… they're created by doctors, and they're not taking lightly the ingredients that they use… so if I were you, and I'm looking for Collagen, this is the product that I would suggest. Because it does work, and it's doesn't taste horrible, and you will see a lot of good results."


If you mix: Copper + Vitamin C + Vitamin E…

Your joints start producing collagen again.

But you MUST use the right ratios.